9 km from Lake Geneva - Open from 22/02 to 16/10/16 - Accomodation all year

Camping Le Fleutron - Divonne
Camping Le Fleutron - Divonne
Camping Le Fleutron - Divonne
Camping Le Fleutron - Divonne
Camping Le Fleutron - Divonne
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Divonne-les-Bains is situated in exceptional surroundings, on the edge of the Haut-Jura national park on the Swiss border.
Located in the Pays de Gex, Divonne is a spa town that is very popular because of its views over the Mont-Blanc, its proximity to Lake Geneva, its beautiful surrounding countryside and the range of leisure and cultural activities it has to offer.


Office de Tourisme de Divonne-Les-Bains
4, rue des Bains - BP 90
01220 Divonne-les-Bains
Tél. +33 (0)4 50 20 01 22


Unspoilt countryside, perfect for relaxing and for walks

Make the most of your visit to try a wellness treatment at the thermal spa in Divonne-les-Bains and to discover the natural beauty of the Haut Jura national park, Lake Geneva... By foot or by bike...



Leisure activities

Divonne-les-Bains and its surroundings offer a range of different activities:
thermal spa and wellness treatments at the Paul Vidart spa and Valvital centre
tree-climbing at Forestland, which is an ideal adventure park for children,
as well as golf, a casino, swimming in Divonne lake or Lake Geneva, hiking up Mont Mussy and Mourex...



Culture and heritage

Make the most of your stay to cross over the Swiss border and visit Geneva, Nyon and Lausanne.
In Geneva, it is well worth visiting Saint-Pierre cathedral, the Place Neuve, and the Rath museum

You will also enjoy visiting Voltaire's château (open from April to October) 17 km from Divonne in Ferney-Voltaire, the Fort l'Ecluse 38 km away in the Pays de Gex, the museum of modern and regional art in Annecy (located in Annecy castle), the museum of precious stones and lapidaries, and the Monts Jura and Gruyères alpine dairies (and the famous Maison du Gruyère)...




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